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A Place for Wellbeing

The South West MS Therapy Centre was established in 1982 as a self-funding charity initially to provide oxygen therapy, information and support for people living with multiple sclerosis.


Over the years, our service has developed to offer a number of physical and complementary therapies, not only for people with MS but also for those with other neurological and long-term health conditions. We provide a welcoming and friendly environment, promoting independence and improving wellbeing and quality of life for our members, their families, and carers. 


Our services are available on a self-referral basis and accessed through a membership scheme. We welcome people of all ages and are continually improving our facilities and treatments to suit a wide range of needs. Whether you are newly-diagnosed or have been living with your condition for a while, we can provide you with information, support and therapies that can help you come to terms with your diagnosis and manage your symptoms.

We have a range of information leaflets and books relating to MS, including managing your symptoms, types of treatment, lifestyle, dietary advice and much more. Please either pop into the Centre, or contact us and we will be happy to post some information to you. We can also advise on what other support there is locally.

The constant thing is the welcoming atmosphere, the friendly staff and volunteers, and the knowledge of the therapists is second to none. I can’t tell you how much this place means to me, it’s given me a reason to get out of bed every morning.

Neuro Therapy Network

The South West MS Therapy Centre is a member of the Neuro Therapy Network - an organisation representing a thriving group of 50 independent therapy centres throughout Great Britain, and in Gibraltar and Jersey. It provides support, training, and operational guidance to centres, as well as promoting their work nationally so that more people living with neurological and other life-limiting conditions can access services. If you would like information about centres like ours in other locations, visit the Neuro Therapy Network website to search for similar services elsewhere in the UK. 

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