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In order to access Oxygen Therapy at the Centre, you will need to sign up as a member for a small annual fee of £20. If you have MS, you will also get access to our specialist physiotherapy, exercise classes, yoga and Pilates at a subsidised rate. As a member, you will also receive regular newsletters, information about forthcoming events and fundraising activities, as well as the support of fellow members and the Centre team.

There is a short registration form to complete. The fee can be paid by cash or card at the Centre, or over the phone by card. Membership operates on a rolling basis, so whenever you join, your membership is valid for a full year. 

New Membership

Please complete the registration form, so that we can add you to the waiting list (if there is one) and find out how we can help you. If you have any queries or need help completing the form, please give us a call or drop in during our opening hours. Once you have completed registration we will arrange for a tour of the Centre and explain everything to you in more detail.

Renewing Membership

No matter how long you have been with us as a member, you will know that your annual fee helps to keep the cost of therapies down and allows you to access a wide range of specialist treatments that can help you manage your MS symptoms. In order to continue receiving these benefits, we will contact you with a friendly reminder just before your annual membership becomes due for renewal.

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