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Research and a wealth of user experience indicate that physiotherapy plays a vital role in containing the effects of MS. Physiotherapy is carried out by Michael our qualified Chartered Physiotherapist.

What does Michael the Physio do for/with people?

I see people with MS, Strokes, Parkinsons, Head Injuries and other Neurological problems. Also I can help people with bad backs, necks, shoulders, knees, hips etc. both with assessing, diagnosing, treating and giving advice and management of the symptoms.


Pain: I use massage, trigger points and myofascial release to ease tight and sore muscles. I can help people understand whether the pain is neurological (from the brain, spine, peripheral nerves) or musculo skeletol (from the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments), which can help people with MS to understand whether a symptom is from MS or from general overuse or imbalance. I use acupuncture for pain relief and The Bowen Technique which can also help with stress relief, asthma, arthritic pains, migraines/headaches and much more.


People with MS and general neurological problems have a predictable pattern of weakness – affecting Ilio-psoas in the trunk, hamstrings at the back of the thigh, tibialis anterior which causes foot drop in the lower body (as well as pelvic floor weakness which causes bladder urgency).
I can help people work on strengthening what can be strengthened or manage this weakness with aids such as foot-ups, Mus-Mates or FES to help with foot-drop. I also have a Neuro Muscular Stimulator that can help activate muscles.


I am very experienced in breathing and meditative techniques which can help to combat the ‘Brain Fog’ that many people with MS talk about. Beyond breathing techniques, I went to Mexico and Chicago in 2015 several times to train in Higher Brain Living, which activates energy spots in the spine primarily to increase the activity of the frontal, executive functioning part of the brain.


I have trained a lot in massage, but also encourage The Bowen Technique and/or meditation techniques. These all help with stress. I have been referred several children who have had trauma, as well as intense stress over the last few years, who have hugely improved and got back to school regularly after 4 or 5 sessions, so these techniques can be effective for most people.


It is important that you are well hydrated before Bowen Technique, acupuncture and massage and after for at least a few hours to allow the body to flush out toxins which will be released (If you are insufficiently hydrated you may suffer from headaches and more achiness after sessions).

There are leaflets and business cards for Michael in reception. Please phone to arrange appointments directly with him on 07956 409300.


Charges are £20.00 for members with MS (this price includes a subsidy by MS Centre  - limited to one session per week) and £35 for other conditions except for Higher Brain Living which is £50.00 per session.


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