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Fundraising support

Join a Fundraising Event

We often need volunteers to help at many of our fundraising events during the year. You could enter a team in our Golf Tournament or Quiz Night, or even bake a cake for us to sell at one of our Centre events. If you are a runner, running is a great way to raise money for us. Just find a few sponsors and then go do your thing.

Organise your Own Eventfete1

Organising an event with friends, family and neighbours is a good way of raising money for SWMS Centre and spreading the word about what we do.

We’re extremely grateful to our fantastic fundraisers who have a huge amount of fun planning their own events and there are so many ways that you can help to support our work - here are some tried and tested ways of raising money:

  • Host a jumble sale /coffee morning / bring and buy sale / bake sale
  • Do a sponsored event – a walk, cycle, run, dance, exercise class
  • Take your idea to your workplace – i.e. dress down day, funky tie day
  • Hold a charity football match /other sporting event
  • Organise a garden party / theme night or disco
  • Or come up with your own unique ideas

Remember to Gift Aid it!

Gift Aid can significantly increase the value of your sponsorship money by 25% at no extra cost to those sponsoring you (sponsors must be eligible)

Set up a Virgin Money Giving

Virgin Money Giving help you to raise sponsorship money easily online. You will be able to email colleagues and family a simple web link to your fundraising page. This also stops the problems of chasing money after the event.

Matched Giving

Matched giving can significantly increase your sponsorship money; ask your company to match whatever your work colleagues raise. For more information contact us. Whether you are thinking big or small, please know your support really does make a difference.

Fundraising Collectors

We have many supermarket and street collections throughout the year which helps to raise funds for the Centre. Volunteers are needed to collect for us for a 1 - 2 hour period. Collections are all held locally so there is bound to be one near you. Contact Tracey at the centre if you can help.

Legacies - Leave a Lasting Impression

A Legacy is probably the most effective single way to support our work.

It’s free – it costs no extra to include legacies to charity when making your will and it’s simple – tell the solicitor what you want to give and to whom. Leaving a legacy to the SWMS Centre is a way that you can help to secure the future stability of our charity at no cost no yourself.

The word ‘legacy’ often conjures up an image of great wealth. Leaving a legacy simply means leaving part of your money or possessions to a specific individual or organisation, such as the SWMS Centre, in your will. It can be as little or as much as you want and can be allocated exactly as you wish.

How Exactly Can I Help?

Through legacy gifts

You can leave a legacy to the SWMS Centre in exactly the same way as you would leave a gift to your family and friends. The most generous kind of legacy is a ‘residuary’ gift. A residuary gift is a percentage of the residue (or balance) of your will which is paid once all monies to family and friends and for expenses have been accounted for.

Through an ‘in memoriam’ gift

Friends and relatives often send flowers and wreaths at a funeral. Requesting that people make a donation to the SWMS Centre instead would provide extra funds to support the work we do.

Through insurance policies and savings

You could name the SWMS Centre as a beneficiary in any life insurance policy, or request that the Centre receives a proportion of your savings through your will.

Through other specific gifts

You can leave other monetary gifts, items of value or property – in fact, you can support the SWMS Centre through your will in any way you feel is suitable for you and your family.

How will we use your gift?

You can be assured that any legacy you decide to leave will be put to very good use. Every penny counts as we continue to provide information, support and a range of therapies to help local people living with MS and their families and carers.

Please leave a lasting legacy and include the SWMS Centre in your will.

If you would like to raise funds for the South West MS Centre please get in touch with Tracey Skinner on 01392 447411 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The South West Multiple Sclerosis Centre was established

  • to provide a range of therapy treatments, guidance and support
  • to encourage self-help
  • to promote an enhanced quality of life for people with MS, their families and carers.

Want to help us?

We are a self-funding charity and receive no statutory core funding support. Finding adequate funding remains crucial to the Centre to allow us to offer our therapies at an affordable subsidised cost .This year, it will cost over £175,000 to run the Centre. There are many ways that you can help us to continue providing support to people with MS.