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Managing Your MS Fatigue - FACETS Course

Managing Your MS Fatigue - FACETS Course


Monday, 4 November 2024

SW MS Centre

FACETS is a course specifically designed by experts to help you manage your MS fatigue.  Covering a range of topics over a 6-week course (2 hours per week), this course is delivered by neuro-physio Rachel Dennett in a friendly and relaxed environment here at the MS Centre.

6-week course, starting 4 November - every Monday 10.30am - 12.30pm

Session 1 - What is MS Fatigue? 

Session 2 - Energy Levels 

Session 3 - Budgeting Energy

Session 4 - Stress and MS Fatigue 

Session 5 - Putting unhelpful thoughts on trial 

Session 6 - Moving Forward

Please book with Reception, free for people with MS.  You may bring a plus-one, please advise when booking.

Supported by the MS Society

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